Geneva advances on the list of slow trafic towns…gested-cities/

"Geneva is one of the most congested cities in the world, joining the ranks of cities like London, Dublin, Toronto and Lima.It’s at 22nd in the world index created by the SatNav company Tom Tom. Zurich is not far behind at 28th.

The measurements are made by timing how long it takes a car to travel 10 km. In Geneva its just over 24 minutes, Zurich is a minute faster. The worst city in the world is London where it takes over 37 minutes to travel the same distance. "

I would say on the contrary this is a good result, given that all measures are taken to slow down the trafic. I am surprised Geneva did not advance more on the list, but surely the announced measures in the next couple of years will further help it.

Kudos to Geneva!

Just another reason to never go to Geneva.


Apparently in London at any one time, 20% of drivers are lost. (Probably in the days before GPS).

Now 19% of drivers are headed down blind alleys their GPS sent them on.

That's big news. Since when you can drive more than 10km within Geneva without leaving the city?

32km from Jussy to Chancy via the shortest route, not passing through France

Perhaps they are lost in general.

Is that the "city" of Geneva? From Palais des Nations to Cité Univesitaire it's 7-8 km. And that's the whole city from N to S.

This is not about Geneva. It's about the metric of "time for a 10km traject" which may be useless in Switzerland.

Not a problem these days with all the construction blockages. You can easily drive 10km to get from A to B which is 1 km as the bird flies, but you have to deviate, avoid another traffic blockage, an accident, etc. and go around, easily 10km driving in circles.

Private motor vehicles in city centres? That will soon be a thing of the past everywhere.

Who said “city”? Political boundaries for communes like the trois chêne, Grand Saconnex, Meyrin, etc are irrelevant. While not in political Geneva they are in the city.

We have every day around 103'000 cross-border friends coming in the morning and going back France in the everning. In considering that the population of Geneve is only a bit over 600'000. Tout s'exprime ;-)

It's not just construction works (which are endless, for a reason). Even when finished, the new permanent set-up is designed to slow down the trafic and create congestion. See the route to Versoix - it has been under construction over one year. The part that is finished has removed one car lane, replaced with the fixed barrier of 50 cm and adjacent cycling lane of the same width as the car lane.

I believe dispute is still ongoing with TCS over the reduction of car lanes over the bridges. So in my view, Geneva is doing extremely well to slow down the trafic and will gradually go higher on the list. With ever growing population and number of commuters from France, this will even be quicker than expected.

And what are the times for a taxi driver?

In Geneva Taxis can use the bus/tram lanes but they are expensive. A minimum of f60 from the airport to city centre. 5km.