Georgia, the next flashpoint?

By now you know that I believe that the current conflict in Ukraine is one where Russia and the US are fighting for supremacy in easter Europe with Ukraine as the battleground. But the next flashpoint is slowly coming into focus in the EU candidate of Georgia where the government is two thirds of the way in passing a bill that would force any EU backed NGO or other foreign entity to register as a foreign agent. Just like that law in Russia.
Violent protests are occurring in Tiblisi where mostly young people clash with police and the leader of the opposition spoke in parlement, bruised and blooded after being set on by police.
It would seem that the ruling government is looking for closer ties with Moskau, a move that would put it at odds with a EU membership.
And meanwhile the protests continue.

It probably needs a link…


The future belongs to the young people, dinosaurs making policies that will affect most of the adult life of current younger generations is just… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I would really like Swiss politicians to declare where their funding comes from.

…Reichsbank gold…?

Taken from Charles the Bold actually during the Burgundy Wars ~550 years ago.

“Mr Kobakhidze has accused NGOs of attempting to stage revolutions in Georgia twice, of promoting “gay propaganda” and of attacking the Georgian Orthodox Church.”

In fairness, that sounds exactly like something Western backed NGOs would do.

I agree with you there, from what I read about NGO´s it would seem that a lot are financed by mostly American “special interest groups” the only problem is that without the details regarding the NGO´s it could be also just Kobakhidze brown nosing Putin.
In light of the demographics of the protesters I would think it is the latter but there are one or two things that don´t add up in my humble opinion. Why would they risk their EU candidate status by clamping down on gays and quelling the protests with the police?

Video clip here:


Former US ambassador to Georgia on the current events:

Yeah! Go Georgia.

EU & US funded riots and NGOs trying to coup the government.

A classic.


Final reading of this NGO bill in Georgian parliament today, pass the popcorn.

Maybe NATO senses that Ukrainians will soon be depleted and now they want Georgians to become the new cannon fodder? :smiley:

Certainly curious. I made a quick check and found something about Georgia only on Corriere de la Sera (Milano) and Euronews.

Russia already attacked Georgia once, the “peace enforcement” operation in Georgia

Russia did not gain any territory.

“That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach.”

– Aldous Huxley

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Maybe Georgia shouldn’t have shelled the Ossetians.
Obviosly no aggressor gets to claim victimhood.

I am sorry, but this is a preposterous rewriting of history.

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Feel free to prove your claim.

Credible source only of course. Some numpty making such a claim on a podcast for instance, without reference, is usually not credible.