German language and citizenship

Do you need to have a language certificate before applying or is it sometime after during the process?

I was just wondering if I could give myself a kick up the bum to learn better German and then having a deadline to work towards...

In SG and SZ you need it at the point of application.

But of course it may depend on the canton?! (we should have an acronym for that - YCMV?)

In my ZH gemeinde, I had to submit my language certificate at the point of application.

BS, at the point of application.

BL, at point of application.

We enrolled for TELC B1 at the Allgemeine Gewerbschule Basel , which ends up with the exam. That’s quite some motivation to get it done!

Relatively inexpensive as well.

I thought you strongly disagreed until I remembered Basel-Stadt is a thing.

And VD isn’t a disease.

Thanks. I will check it out. About time I updated my profile to baselland too!

Even it it is possible, I don't think it is good idea to play games with the process as if you fail to deliver it will look bad!

Hence the pressure to succeed!

Make sure to get the exam certificate first. Things like birth certificates must not be more than 6 months old. One lady on my course was concerned because it takes up to 6 weeks to get the exam certificate... which could mean she needed to the birth cerificates again!

It’s different in Vaud. There is absolutely no requirement to learn German. Not even ein bitzli.

Yes. The Vaud dialect is really strange!