Gold coin(s)

Hi all

Is it worthy to buy gold coins(Münzen und Raritäten)?

Like Vreneli or similar from other countries?

I mean if it is worthy as an investment.

Thank you


Contrary to the extensive argument provided against the acquisition of gold coins I would like to present my opinion.


After extensive research, my summary is:

it depends

That is the default answer to any interesting question.

Not always. In Switzerland, for example, the proper answer is: "That's different from Canton to Canton".

Okay, now we've joked, does anyone have any advice or experience to pass on to OP?

Gold is not an investment (since an investment should by definition offer some return).

It is a store of value (across 50-100+ years at least; in shorter periods it can be volatile).

Define worthy.


At least in Switzerland, I’d say coins are often gifts (typically for godchildren) which sentimentality aside, can add up to a nice nest egg if the götti/gotte does this every year until 18 or whatever.

Goldvreneli 20 Franken – VALOR 281383
Datum Schluss
16.09.2009 127.14
13.09.2023 346.25

As a personal investment/hedge just buy gold. No return but unlikely to lose long-term. With coins, mint quality and rarity make a huge difference for serious collectors.…s-goldvreneli/

Yes, buy yourself a dragons hoard and sleep on it.

Impossible to answer without knowing both your objective and size in proportion to your assets.

How do you measure someone's size in proportion to their assets?

Millions per metre maybe? M/m? (or kk/m )

The cost of the dwarves to guard it is high though.

In ZH canton you pay VAT on coins. Hence for myself I'd prefer to buy gold bars. I do gift coins for marriages, kids, etc.

If you want to invest in gold you can buy online but have to pay % fees. There are also gold ETFs or simply invest in a gold mine though it is not exactly the same as having physical gold.

Only if they are not state-issued/minted coins:
Exempt from the tax with credit are turnovers in:
a. state minted gold coins with customs tariff numbers 7118.9010 and 9705.000034

The normal gold coins you can buy are tax-exempt in all of Switzerland, even in Zurich :wink:

By my calculation, a gold Vreneli has increased by about 5% (Compounded yearly rate) over the last twenty years.…-franken/chart

VAT is a federal tax and the same everywhere including ZH, gold and gold coins are excempt. However physical white precious metals (silver, platinum, etc) and their coins are not excempt.

Fun fact:

The Vreneli are legal tender. Some mint years, the late ones AFAIK, sell for their gold value whereas the rarer ones may have a higher numismatic value.