Has your goods consumption increased since the pandemic?

I saw this chart in the FT today: Americans are still sweeter on stuff than before the pandemic. How long can it last?

Obviously, inflation is a factor so after adjustment it seems Germany hasn’t increased volumes, but US has:

I do feel that we are buying more stuff. Partly due to the kids growing up, but I think partly I think I now have the attitude of ‘just get it’ whereas maybe I would have thought more about whether I really needed something before buying it previously.

I guess I can put part of the reason for the ease of purchasing and cheapness of goods bought online. Having to drive somewhere and buy something was a big barrier to bothering, but now I can order stuff in seconds and often with free delivery.

I didn’t and don’t, I am one of those old fashioned Swissies who always have an emergency stock at home. A habit I maintain since I moved out of my parental home in 1984. All kinds of foodstuffs, mineral water, toiletries and whatnot are carefully stocked and itemised on a list that I always know what we got in panty, freezer, homemade preserves etc. The one luxury I allow myself, is to order online the shopping from coop at home and the yarn/wool I need for my countless projects. If at all, I order less stuff than before.

No, what I need I get from the local Aldi on a daily base. Got some rahman noodles and a few bags of pasta, but that is about it.

Yes, because the kids are growing and need more food. Not related to pandemic, though.


@TinyK - Indeed, but this is just the natural course of life. Are we talking only about food though? What has changed for us due to the pandemic was ordering more clothes online -used zalando a lot because it was convenient and cheaper as they had lots of discounts. I ordered a lot of stuff that had to be returned straight away, or some of them were worn a few times only and then donated (you can say all was not lost, eh). I came to the conclusion that kids are happier with the fast fashion stores (also cheap by Swiss standards) and by trying to fix our budget I did more harm than good, because at least with clothes you rarely get what you think you should. At the end of this phase I think I became a much more sensible buyer and now rarely buy online stuff other than food. Also, deactivated their app just to be on the safe side…I will definitely miss Migros sports for instance.

I’m buying much less clothing online than before Corona, because kids now have interest in choosing and trying clothing in the shops. I ordered on Zalando at least 8-10 times per year in 2019. Now I order maybe once or twice.

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I agree, no point in buying stuff until they are trying them on in shops. I wasn’t very happy with the quality of clothing there either, sometimes it was simply worse than in the popular clothes stores. They outgrow everything so fast and we never bought more expensive things (oh well, only for some occasions) but I think you really need to see what you’re buying.

I’d say my level of consumption is about the same. Because I have the expense of keeping a house I can’t get rid of in Scotland I just buy what I need, although my OH insisted on buying me 2 very nice Swatches he knew I liked recently. :slightly_smiling_face: