Health anxiety

Do you suffer from health anxiety?
How do you treat friends or relatives who do?…ions-q5sdxdj85


It is a funny article about the problems of being addicted to Dr Google.

Sorry, I had forgotten about the pay-wall. They do, or sometimes do, free trials and my subscription is really cheap. The Times articles go up and down in quality depending (IMO) largely on which boss or future boss the journalists are concerned about.

Didn't that used to be called "hypochondria" back in the day?

Here you go.

The key word is "anxiety". Anxiety can be triggered through numerous factors, including internet research and a mind that quickly turns negative and dark.

Having a combination of physical symptoms and anxiety may very well lead you to thinking the worst and using the "research" to prove it.

that’s what the article literally says

Experiences with elder relatives have shown me that they feel alone and the “only way” to get attention from people is to have several painful illness. It’s OK, as humans we have the need to be listened to, to get attention from others, to be cared. But, it would be funnier if we get attention by playing a musical instrument, or telling jokes, stories, cooking, by organizing a party or a hike…any damned hobby. The guy from the article is honest about it:

Anyway, this is a happy end story. It seems the guy that wanted more attention became a journalist and he’s getting it.

Ungated article here:

Indeed - I noticed that too, once the text of the article was pasted to the thread.

Well, it's getting complicated. If only you are lucky to have a trusted, good an honest doctor... I definitely check for scammers prescribing placebo instead of telling you the truth that they "don't know"/"believe it's nothing"/"believe the body will cope with that naturally"/... and go for a second opinion. Unfortunately it takes time of trial and error to find a doctor you can trust in your canton.