Health insurance, how to ask for check-up?

I have Helsana insurance benefit plus.
I don’t understand if I can ask for a hearth check-up without any symptoms or not. The Helsana Completa model seems to cover explicitely prevention checkup costs, but my doctor didnt even prescribed me prostate, ecg or colon screening. SHould I fake some symptoms to have the normal yearly checkup?

Just ask your GP? If it is not covered, you just pay for it yourself.

We asked our GP and got it done (it didn’t even cross our mind to do it before turning 40, but we got more “health-concious” lately). We didn’t have all these screenings you mentioned above though…Anyway, I guess the GP knows which set of blood tests etc is age appropriate…I don’t think you need to fake anything, just talk to your GP about your concerns/approach. :slight_smile: In other countries these annual check-ups regardless of one’s age are routine controls…but not here, here you have to ask. Prevention is not big in CH.

A colonoscopy is recommended from age 50 and then at 60 and 70 if nothing is found.

Having prostate cancer I would recommend a PSA test at least every five years from 30. It isn’t an expensive test.

yyeah duh, I want to understand if that’s what other people are doing as well…

yes exactly. I’m 57. In Tessin Kanton I heard first stool screening is even offered to over 50. Here in Zurich the doctor was not even aware of that and redirected me to a complex colonoscopy… I asked for general check up and I just got a blood test.
For PSA, she said “we are not used to do it in Switzerland”.

A friend of mine in Tessin underwant ECG stress test as well, as a routinary check

It’s canton dependent but lots of cantons offer the free stool screening test for everyone over 50. They only usually refer to colonoscopy if the results of the stool test show something up.

A PSA is a pretty routine test for men over a certain age here so your GP saying that would raise a red flag to me.

I think I’d consider changing doctors if I were you. A full blood screen and general health check is really not an unreasonable think to do for a person of your age.

I figured you’re in a different age group judging by the screenings you want it done.
When we asked our GP to run some routine check-ups for our age she reluctantly (a bit) agreed upon a panel of blood tests. I had to insist to include vitamin D levels tested (I was right, I was a bit on the low end), imagine that. ECG? No way, even though our family history would suggest otherwise. Are you supposed to reach your fifty to be taken seriously? Friends back home have all sort of check-ups since their thirties.
On a different occasion I had to bluntly ask my GP to refer me to an ENT specialist as I suspected a proper ear infection (it coincided with some time spent at our local swimming pool so I had my reasons) and she was amazed I know where I’m supposed to check it out. But she agreed - I guess she didn’t want to lose me as a client, which she did, exactly for this reason.
Bottom line is - you have to advocate for your health. As “simple” as that. And we pay a shit ton of money for our health insurance btw.
Edit; btw, you can change your insurance type if you think the Hausarztmodell doesn’t serve you well. OH did that; I personally changed the GP. (not convinced about this new one either, but I’ll give her a chance)

We had a checkup whe we started to go to GP regularly. It was when we were about 35 years old. Both me and my husband got examination by the doctor + blood pressure check + extended blood test + ECG.

I agree - just ask.

I am close to 50 and recently had a full blood test (opted out of vitamin D test, as not covered by insurance and I’m quite sure I am low, just like most of us). Due to family history of CRC and low iron, I got sent for a colonoscopy a bit before schedule.

If you are a man, do make sure you get your prostate checked out. If you are a woman, get your gynecological exams done regularly. Get a full blood test every 3-5 years if no issues. Get your blood pressure checked, especially if you’re over 40; high blood pressure often has no symptoms, but if you have it, you should make an effort to lower it.
If you’re 50 or thereabouts, do an occult blood in stool test or a colonoscopy; some cantons have free screening tests, to which you will be invited. Not every canton does, and it’s really good practice to do this from age 50.

I was paying for the standard model for a while, but then I hit the reality check, it’s really hard to get to any specialist here in ZH unless you’re appointed by GP, so now I stick with GP model.

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