How does the process of changing jobs work for non-EU citizens with a tied B permit?

Hi everyone!

Assuming I have a tied B permit, I am not an EU citizen, and I want to change jobs. What would the process look like? I would need to find a new employer that is ready to start a new B permit application. I would need to notify my current employer and I would have a 3-month notice period. How does it go further?


After I leave my current company, would I be able to legally stay in Switzerland until the end of my B permit (issued for a year), or would I have to leave once I am not an employee anymore? Can the process of applying for a new B permit go in parallel with the work at the current company? Let's say I have a three-month notice period, would the new B application process be conducted within this period, or would I have to wait until I am not an employee anymore? How hard would it be to get a new B permit compared to getting it for the first time? Are companies more likely to consider people who are already in Switzerland compared to those who are outside? Does it change anything if it is a software engineering industry? Does knowledge of German help? How realistic is it in general? Do people often take such steps? Are they rare? Very rare?

No, only resign when you know 100% you will get a permit through your new employer.

Don’t resign until a new permit with a new employer is confirmed as roeger said.

It’s very hard to change employers. Not only does the new employer have to make their case for why you over anyone else the current employer also has to agree to the job change iirc.

German does help of course.

No, you cannot change jobs with a tied B. The only way that I know is to untie a B is to get a C. There may be other ways but I am unaware of any.

So wait for your C ....

Software industry, a new employer might be exempted from prioritizing CH and EU candidates as per the new rules from earlier this year, which would make it infinitely easier to change jobs.

Could you please elaborate on this? I found this link , but I am not sure it is what you mean. Are there already cases of exercising this new rule?

It's in the new directives on the LEI, Chap. 4. They added point on 1 February 2023. The essential part, roughly translated says

"For fields with severe shortage of qualified workforce, cantonal work authorities may now exempt employers from providing proof of a search for Swiss or EU/EFTA candidates. The employer has the possibility of merely invoking that the profession is under workforce shortage. The cantonal authorities shall judge that the potential offered by the workforce present in Switzerland is already depleted, and therefore that the order of priority is respected"

It goes on to define the concerned professions as

-managers in the fields of information and communications technologies; counselling, finance and insurance; machinery, electrical equipments and metallurgy; chemical and pharmaceutical production; food industry,

-Engineers, scientists and researchers in the fields of mathematics, natural and technical sciences as well as information and communications technologies specialists,

-Healthcare professionals: specialist doctors, assistant doctors, specialised care personnel (e.g. OR, ICU and ER personnel), radiology support personnel,

-teaching personnel of higher education institutions.

I could be wrong but I'm assuming Software engineer falls under the category of "IT specialist"

I am wondering if there are already Cantons that invoke this rule. Maybe I need to search in German/French/Italian, but it doesn't seem there are such cases.