How long to break through your apartment door?

How long do you think it would take to break in the door to your apartment?

Last night an elderly neighbour had a fall and could not get to her door, police took around 10 minutes to arrive, then they took about 3 minutes to break in using a door breaching tool and a hammer (available online). It looked like it wasn't a regular task for them. She's all fine now.

On one hand I see it as positive that they are able to break in so quickly, on the other hand if it was criminals doing it they'd be in the apartment before anyone realised it wasn't some maintenance.

I was also quite surprised to see a locksmith turn up around 20 minutes after the police to secure the door.

Black hats don’t like to make noise. The police do.

If someone wanted to break in, they could just smash the window and operate the door handle from the inside.

Especially if your apartment is on the fifth floor..... and Spiderman wants to break in.

Maybe I should have specified brute force.

I was a little surprised, the doors have steel frames, with solid hinges. On the bolt side there's the standard bolt and 2 pins at the 1/4 and 3/4 mark. It was these which bent through the metal frame.

if you live in an apartment, you just need to ring all the apartments and someone will just let you in.

It's a deterrant. That's all it is...

This happened a very long time ago to our upstairs neighbour. The police opted to give the local fire station a call, they brought a long ladder and went in via the third floor balcony, which was not locked.

It wasn't an 'emergency' as such - she was able to talk to them through the door - but not able to get up to open the door - so they figured that was less money for repairs than breaking the door down....

You need to be more specific on the tools allowed - if it's a proper two person ram then no normal door is going to take more than a minute.

A better question would be "How noisy would it be to get through your door, and would your neighbours give a damn enough to call the cops?"

That gets you to the door though and not a window.

Apparently kaba locks are pickable, but only with difficulty, even by pros.…a-lockpicking/

Lock picking lawyer got through in less than a minute. So there's no hope.

Doors and locks exist only to help keep honest people honest.

If someone wants into your house, and they know how to do it, your doors, locks, windows, etc... will not be an issue.

I knew a guy who successfully evaded the IRS for decades; his house was full of very expensive artifacts. He had a security system installed, state of the art for the 1980s - every external door and window had hard-wired sensors making entry extremely difficult.

So someone who was aware of both his security system and tax-avoidance proclivities backed up to one of the walls of his house with a truck, cut a hole in the wall with a chainsaw, and cleaned him out without setting off the alarm.

He picks this Kaba 20 (with 12 pins) in under 3 minutes:

Have some blackpowder handy and open the door in seconds. Dont have to worry about closing the door afterwards.

Well, long time ago when someone from my family was planning apartment renovation I talked them over not to install any atomic-apocalypse resistant doors! Simply insure your apartment and content properly and live a happy life assured that when needed the doors can be broken.

Another anecdote I wanted to share, there was an organized group looting apartments in VD one year. They were opening the windows, I mean it, not breaking them but somehow opening them from outside even though they were fully closed

It's not only about the costs, but also about feeling safe afterwards. The latter may me be missing for an extended time, my SIL took more than a year.