How to set an e-bill approval day to today?

In CS bank app I can approve e-bill for the next business day (via e-bill portal) and then modify "future payment" execution day to today, which is basically does what I want.

The problem is that not all bank apps allow to modify e-bill execution day directly from their apps/websites.

So is there any way I can set the necessary day directly on e-bill portal?

Which portal of which bank are you talking about?

On my bank I can only set the "execution date" for today before around 12pm, they do not accept orders later in the day. Depends on the bank and their transaction system...

does it really matter if it is a day late?

Yes it does, it's not "day" it is "bussiness day" which may in some cases be around a week. Anyway, it is important to execute on the date I need.

Neon doesn't allow to change the date at all

In principle that is the responsibility of the issuer. They issue the invoice and you only accept. Also the issuer should issue the invoice well on time so that this never is an issue?

I have had it multiple times that the invoice was due on a weekend, e-bill changed this to the next working day. This was never an issue and it actually common practice in the corporate world.

In UBS e-banking you have to approve for the date and then go into your pending payments and change to today but can only do early in the morning and after that there is a charge and then at some point it's too late.