Importing a car you don’t own

Hello, A question - my girlfriend is coming to join me, and we’ve sorted out the immigration and residence stuff. Next part is sorting out the car… which is in her fathers name, but she has a power of attorney letter (or something similar). She drives up and down from Germany daily… Any idea what the process for the car is? I assume as a swiss resident she needs to import the car now…: right?

Power of attorney does not grant ownership so it has to be a normal import including all costs involved, only if she would have the car for a minimum of 6 months on her name for use abroad before immigrating to Switzerland it is free of import charges. This forum has a lot of topics on importing cars.

Although - if the car is on the temporary setup, then doesn’t it mean it keeps it’s German plates? At which point, doesn’t it become feasible to insure it with a German insurer, telling them that the car is in Switzerland?

So for the temporary import, that means no VAT/Duty for two years, right? It would work quite well if she can drive it for two years, and then bring it back to Germany…

You guys so wrong. No need to have owned the car. Otherwise you could not import a leased car tax free. It is enough if you were the principal and economic user of the car within the last 6 months. There is a thread on that from someone which was in this exact situation. Best is to contact Swiss customs prior crossing the border what documents and evidence are needed.

Lucky that they were cluesless and that we are not in Italy. And as Tom says. If you can drive a car with foreign license plate or not does not depend on your driving license but on your status as a resident/non-resident and on the custom status of the car. It might be just a bit more evident that something is amiss if one presents a Swiss driving license.

I’ve done some searching, but can’t find much… (principal economic and car don’t turn up much)… got any further info? She’s crossing the border again tonight after finishing studying, so she’ll ask then