InteractiveBrokers in CH / Alternatives?

I wonder if this is applying only to me, but Interactive Brokers do not allow opening accounts for people with Swiss domicile as of today. I just tried creating an account and it says that IR do not allow creating accounts for people in this jurisdiction (Switzerland). Strange! has anyone had the same experience?

Alternatives in CH: If this is so, are there any brokers you would recommend similar to Germany's TradeRepublic and Scalable, in Switzerland? SwissQuote is way way more expensive the the DE options...that makes investing quite inefficient.

Context : We need to move our portfolios from Germany since we are not allowed to hold them there if domicile changes to CH.

Why? I still have a small portfolio with a german bank.

Traderepublic won't allow me to stay with them. Maybe Scalable Capital are still ok with Swiss moves. Feels investment brokers in EU don't want to open Swiss branches...I am sure there is a reason.

Are you sure about this? I have an active account and I opened it after moving here. And just last week was asked to reconfirm account details ( incldg address ).

There should be no such restrictions.

Could you have done something wrong in the process?