Investing in self storage Zurich

As the title says - quick googling shows only opportunities for renting, but nothing for investing. Is market saturated? Is it possible to buy a single self storage unit as a small but stable investment?

I like your idea - I have a friend who just acquired with his company MANY self storage sites. The idea of selling units has not really come about in all the self storage deals I did in the past.

You consolidate and sell as a bulk investment to a private equity fund. Switzerland is very small in terms of self storage.

Problem I see here: very low demand. Damaging the asset by cutting a few chunks off and then being stuck with multiple tenants. It's very operationally heavy as well, all about marketing, would you be happy to pay a big chunk of management fee so that somebody else manages the unit?

Re-reading, and re-thinking about this. Having done some self storage and advised. Not a feasible or an idea that would make much sense. Could potentially see someone trying to do a "time share" type of business model - damaging to the buyer, profitable for the hotel operator....