Is the Zurich HB Luggage Storage secure?

I want to spend the day in Zürich, but I will have my fancy guitar with me.

In Zürich Hauptbahnhof, they have lockers ( link ) but they aren’t quite big enough for a guitar. I saw that they offer “staffed luggage storage” for larger items up to 25 kg, which should work ( link ).

But I wonder, has anyone ever used this and how secure is it? For example, if you return to claim your item and it has “disappeared” I wonder if they would be accountable for its value. Or if it’s “use at your own risk” in which case I will simply change my plans to avoid having this situation!

No idea on their exact terms of service but I would ho estly be extremely surprised that an item in their possession disappears I think it's very safe

I’ve never used luggage storage at the train station (only the Zurich airport), but you could contact them to ask about what their policy is regarding a situation where stored luggage has gone missing, etc. You might also want to make sure that they will store a guitar for you (as opposed to a normal suitcase, etc.). I do strongly suggest using a hard shell case for your guitar rather than a soft case, but I’m sure you know that already. Maybe you could also get an Apple Air Tag for it if you really want to be able to keep any eye on it and track it if it does become lost or stolen.

It looks like you can contact the SBB through their website for “staffed luggage storage”…el-centre.html

SBB Contact Center 0848 44 66 88

I agree with kri’s post above, though. The SBB has a pretty solid reputation, and this is generally a very safe country. I’d be very surprised if something went missing that you had stored with them.

The staffed luggage storage at Zurich Main Station is also the lost and found office. So if your guitar goes missing you at least know where to go look...

... the staffed luggage storage is - staffed - and the luggage is behind a closed door. Unless you are traveling with the equivalent of a Stradivarius I am sure your guitar will be safe and sound.

Not sure what the terms and conditions for the staffed luggage storage is (if you use the lockers, SBB is not liabile for the content) but presumably it is safer to store in staffed luggage than lugging it around the city.

Make sure you check the limits for the liabilities claims in their terms and conditions should said item disappear while it is in their care.

I say that bc I know that house or car insurance frequently limits the amount of money you claim for individual items, insisting you itemise expensive electronics or instruments on your policy in advance for example.

Although I agree with all the other posters here that Zurich HB Luggage Storage is almost certainly secure, you should cover your bases just in case they just hired a bad egg the day before you decide to store your guitar there.

I once left $4.3m worth of cocaine in a locker and 2 days later it was gone. I got some heat for that one...

Thanks for all the info. I figured it would be safe but I wanted to double-check.

Most certainly the guitar is not of the Stradivarius caliber! I forget it is Zurich I am talking about, but for me a CHF 1000 guitar is extremely fancy!

I leave my CHF 7.5k eBike in the street... you should definitely be ok with leaving your guitar with staffed luggage.

Er, which street?

Yes, please give the exact addresses so we can make sure it is safe.

And for me that would be a cheap one.


It is safe as compared to the other countries which i've experienced. Left my dog cage with them for a week. But I felt that it's very pricey..

You might wish to store it with the hotel front desk if you are travelling. Most of them offer a free & secure service if you stay with them.