Jobs Treasury Operations

I am looking for recommendations on where to find jobs in Treasury operations. I have been working in Banking for the past 15 years or so and I'm currently working for a South American bank. I don't really fit into the current team and would like to find a better environment. I work well with British and Scandinavian people since they get my humour. I am tired of having to explain myself on a constant basis (long story...). I am not sure where to apply though anymore and where there could be international teams as such. Due to the fact I only have a KV degree it is a bit tough getting into certain companies. Plus I am 42 which doesn't help either, however I'm young at heart.)

As mentioned I am really struggling with finding interesting jobs to apply for hence I would be grateful to receive some recommendations.

I found some of my Treasury jobs through headhunters on Linked-In.

There are also some recruiters that have finance/treasury jobs.

What makes you think you will feel more comfortable in a treasury environment than banking?