Junk from China

Read today that a lot of junk is coming from China through .ch online shops.

So shopper beware!



According to the article, these websites buy stuff made in China for a low price and sell it for a higher price. That's called "business" and not much different than any company with offshore production.

The point is that they are selling crap.

The link in 20min to trust pilot is incorrect. Here is the correct one. https://ch.trustpilot.com/

more info: https://www.reklamationszentrale.ch/…sen-onlineshop

Everyone sells crap.


If I understand it correctly, a fundamental problem is that there is no 14-Tage Rückgaberecht as in EU countries - can here in CH anyone sell you anything online and then not obliged to accept a return?

And then there is this:

Die Anmeldung von Schweizer Domain-Adressen soll künftig nur noch mit einer Identitätsprüfung zugelassen sein.

I'm very surprised domain names are not taken seriously, it is a bit like not using TLS and certificates when serving a webpage. It is in the interest of both merchant and consumer.

The big problem for me is when I want something in a hurry and I specifically chose a local .ch supplier, and pay a premium for this.

If it's coming from China anyway, I may as well order it directly from China and cut out the middle man.

I've been caught out a few times before with this.

That's exactly why I posted this info.

We almost got caught recently also! Fancy looking .Ch website which looked like “quality”!

Luckily I checked trustpilot - don’t always do it but had a hunch this time…




And then hubby found it even cheaper (circa 20 Euro) on Ali…

I get it’s called business and I get it’s legal but I think it’s unethical and the shops deserve to fail.

I for sure will be much more wary!

Thank you for posting!

I've seen it soooo many times -- where Swiss retailers are selling something that comes from China (or elsewhere) and mark up the price to something ridiculous to reflect "Swiss pricing." Even things that I've seen sold on sites like wish.com (Chinese retailer) are sold here with a huge markup. They also often do this with items from Germany.

I don't think that ALL things made in China are crap, though. A lot of the stuff we buy that we consider to be decent quality was actually made there. For example, many Sony electronics as well as Beurer products, etc.

This isn't my biggest beef with supposedly Swiss shops on .ch addresses, it's when they aren't Swiss at all and send something directly from another country without making it clear and the receiver gets hit for taxes.

That should be straight-up illegal, if something ordered on a .ch address isn't being shipped from Switzerland it should be mandatory to make this crystal clear in the order process.

Out of interest were to you think all the stuff around you comes from? Electrical switches, door handles, locks, sockets, plugs, cables etc...... Most of the stuff is coming from some third country at the end of the day, because you could not afford to pay the prices to have it made here.

Silver jewelry made and sold in China is mostly very good and often rhodium-plated so it does not tarnish and all at a fraction of Swiss prices.

From the link "As an example, he cites a sweater that costs 13.50 francs in the Chinese online shop Aliexpress. At Luxmode.ch, the same product is then sold for 39.90 francs." This is a typical markup in clothing shops that buy from wholesalers, or even more, which is why they often have 70% discount sales and still make money.

It is true that there is no protection here when you buy online, no right of return.

I did laugh at the advice "Poor or missing customer reviews". As someone who runs an online shop, I can tell you that getting customer reviews is like pulling teeth. How many of you have written a review for an online shop? Which is why most businesses fake them.

Actually, many Chinese shops have a return policy but often the postage is more than the goods cost which is not their fault.

The main problem is NOT that the goods come from China, it is that the online retailer purports to operate from Switzerland while actually operating from abroad and thus exposes the customer to a number of risks as already mentioned 1) No recourse if the goods are of poor quality 2) liability for import duty/VAT/administration fees 3) long delivery times. etc.

I have no problem buying stuff directly from China, mainly via Aliexpress/Ebay. There you can check the sellers reputation and see comments from other purchasers about the goods so there is a rudimentary form of quality assurance. Further, it is easy to get a refund if the goods are somehow unfit for the purpose, fake etc. As for the VAT, either keep the order under CHF65- or well over (so the administration costs of collecting the VAT are spread thinly). There I buy things knowing there is a small risk that some stuff simply has to be thrown away, but the savings make the risk generally worthwhile. I have up till now, however, not purchased high value items because I don't want to get into the hassle of returning them if faulty or for maintenance etc.

Me too, the only high value items I have bought are hearing aids that cost CHF 145 for a pair in AE.

The best price I found here was CHF 1600.

The Chinese ones are rechargeable so I am not into buying batteries every week anymore.

The Chinese ones have two buttons, one for making louder and the other for quieter. The Swiss one had just one button so you had to cycle through all the values if you wanted to make it one step quieter.

The Chinese one also has an automatic top loudness limit, with the Swiss one when I walked past the local Church at the wrong time and the bells were in full action then it was quite painful.

The title of this thread keeps putting me in mind of this type of Junk from China

^^^ I'm quite thankful for online shopping, even if it is made in China, because there is just sooo much stuff that you can't find here in Switzerland. Or if you do find it, it's ridiculously overpriced. And it's even worse now, with inflation.

I was in a Muller store the other day and they were charging 9 CHF for a package of three tiny plastic sewing bobbins. I could probably find this same thing on wish.com for 1 or 2 CHF.

I'm also not going to complain about the lack of smog here compared to there or not having to see ugly factories everywhere. Whenever I go back home to the Detroit area, I find myself remembering just how ugly and polluted heavily industrialized areas really are. I wouldn't even want to put my baby toe in the river that runs through there.

Lots of the stuff I used to buy from Ali-Express is now for sale at Galaxus/Digitec, especially Xiaomi branded items, albeit at a higher price.

Tip: If you need spares for your Xiaomi Roborock vacuum - filters, brushes etc then Ali-Express is still the place to go to.

I bought a new motor for the laser sensor and it was just over CHF 4.

Actually the protection from AliExpress is probably better than you get from many online Swiss shops.

I've had two issues with AE orders, both were simply refunded and I wasn't asked to send anything back (it wouldn't be worth it).

I'd say ~50% of issues with online Swiss retailers have been a mess, with them denying responsibility, not refunding return postage, and taking forever to send a replacement.

Says a man whose how is full of crap because he must have bought it somewhere.

Think it thorugh Tom.

I spent much of my career pricing consumer services. Our rule of thumb was the perfect price was what the punter was prepared to pay. It certainly wasn’t the cost of production plus a reasonable markup.

Swiss consumers are prepared to pay more.