Kanton Zurich website

Hi All,

For the last few months I’ve been unable, apart from once, to log on to the Zurich website: https://prod.services.zh.ch/auth/ui/…login/password

I always get the message “Unfortunately, something went wrong”. As suggested by the support team, I’ve tried on different browsers on different machines and my phone. I’ve cleared the cache, used incognito tabs and so on, but to no avail.

Anyone else experiencing similar or have a trick that I’m missing?

Many thanks.

Not sure if it helps you but it works fine for me.

Thanks a lot, that did help.

I tried registering and logging on with a different email address, and it works fine on a couple of devices.

Must be something about the email address I used.

It's strange, but I suspect it could be because the format of the email that doesn't work is "[email protected]". Using "[email protected]" worked on a couple of devices now.