Late de-registeration at EWZ during house move out

We moved out of our apartment during end of October. I got the final end of year settlement bill from EWZ recently. It seemed to include the days after move out as well. When contacted EWZ, I was told they were notified of the move out only in December, a little later after the invoices were generated. They informed me that generated invoices cannot be changed anymore and I need to settle with my landlord.

Upon contacting my landlord later, they told me that I should've notified EWZ about the move-out myself and it was my responsibility.

My question - who is really on the hook to notify EWZ, me or the landlord? This was not told to me during the move out process. My landlord did the registeration at EWZ during the move-in, hence I never bothered to check on this while we moved out.

If my move-in can be co-ordinated so precisely, shouldn't they co-ordinate the move-out de-registeration as well?


I would do it myself unless the landlord has specifically said they would do it.

Your responsibility. The contract is in your name.

Whoever was responsible the fact is the EWZ read the usage meter when they were informed.

From their web site "Please let us know about your move at least 10 days before the key handover. This will allow us to make sure your meter reading is billed correctly."

I doubt they can go back and identify what your meter reading was on the day you actually moved out but you maybe lucky if you can persuade them to even look.