Lausanne / Romandie to Zurich / German-speaking Switzerland


this time it is not an entertainment thread but more of an actual plan with a job on the horizon AND your Friday thread. =)

I know it’s been discussed many times on Quora, the old forum in one way or another yet…

I’d like to ask you if some of you have already moved from the Geneva lake area or Romandie to the German-speaking part after having lived for a few years in one place and how have you felt about it ie.

  • did you regret it (subjectively views are not as impressive, well maybe not the Lucerne lake but the Zurich lake not as much, the weather is subjectively worse ie. less annual sunshine hours and such, people are maybe a bit stricter about say throwing away trash only on specific week days?)
  • were you ultimately happy about it (better job market, subjectively better Germanic mentality for work, close connections to other interesting places like nearby cantons, AT/LI/IT, a better airport etc., lower taxes for salary, real estate purchase, meet-ups)

Coming from a SWE who learned some French, eager to learn German, in his 30s…

So it’s a bit open-ended, the ultimate goal is either to motivate or demotivate me =) And I expect it to be different for everyone and subjective of course.


Moved to Zurich after many years in Geneva and have no regrets. Really like the big city feeling and the people mentality better. Language is hard and I will probably never learn it to working level.

Don’t like that it’s harder to get to Italy (longer drive and Gotthard) and shopping over the boarder in France was easier from Geneva.

All in all it’s a luxury choice so you cannot really go wrong!


Are you living in the Zurich “proper” or around it?

What is your cultural background?

As I wrote before in the other thread, I knew a Spaniard who lived in Geneva for years and missed it when moving in Zurich. And I have a German friend who hated living in Geneva.

Very proper central Zurich with a 800x postcode :slight_smile:

Edit - just joking on this before someone comes to say that Enge is proper and has 8027…

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I made a joke about proper postal codes for central Zurich should be 800x but there of course many nice areas that are 80xx.

Enge is 8002. Maybe I need coffee.

Central/Eastern EU =)

No issues then as not that francophile. So much for the stereotypes; it will all depend on the personal situation.

Factually, the Zurich area has many benefits. Location is central with Munich, Milan, Paris, London all within 3-4 hours. Great airport. Taxes and health costs reasonable. Best job market in Switzerland. Low to no crime. The Alps are not far. I thought the nightlife was quite good also, but then my times as a single and night owl are a good 15 years away.


Thanks for your input! As for the nightlife I’ve never cared much about it even in my 20s and especially not now in my 30s with a kid… I am more of a cold person liking to have just a few acquaintances/friends and a peaceful life

Yes, but not by much.

Enge has several.postal Codes - the basic one is indeed 8002.

Anyway …

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I once read in a tourist guide [about Zurich’s now outdated reputation for nightlife] that “Zurich is twice the size of Vienna’s central cemetery. But only half the fun.”


I live in Romandie and would never willingly move to Zurich, I’ve been quite a few times and just don’t like it.

Having said that I wouldn’t choose to live in Geneva either.

It depends on what your priorities are really.


I’ve been a couple of times to Zurich, Zug, Lucerne but not around it. I liked it but I less than the Geneva Lake area (less impressive landscapes, more densely populated, air quality felt worse but I did not fact check it, architecture wasn’t as nice although it had various styles including the ones to find in Romandie). I wonder how long-term living experience changes the perspective though. And also a proper exploration of the area.

Sounds great to me=)

The difference in the number of annual sunshine hours seems essential though. 47% (Lausanne) vs 42% (Zurich) if to believe this page. Leaders are of course Ticino towns like Lugano or Locarno: Annual Sunshine in Switzerland - Current Results

I thought that the leader is VS, look at Crans Montana :wink:

You’ve already figured it out, be specific if you’re asking about Zürich city or Zurich canton. Zürich gives the big city life, with the pros and cons. Anything around the lake coast is perhaps close to Geneva/Lausanne. You need to look further away the city, lake and the airport to find a place for slow living.

*I don’t have any experience living close to the ariport. There are nice little towns/villages but my feeling is that hardly anyone wants to live there, those who do treat it as a sleeping shelter. I have a friend living in Kloten. She’s flight attendant spending more time in the air than on the ground, that’s why, otherwise she would move away.

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If only there were jobs I’d happily live in the Sierre area =)
I see, thanks!

I’d rather avoid Zurich city unless coincidentally I find an apartment there. I’m thinking towards surrounding little towns (South-East/South-West) like Lachen or closer.