Leaving Switzerland - Unregistering from RAV - Keep benefits frozen

Hello everyone,

I will be leaving Switzerland and I asked RAV to deregister me from the system and the kasse.

My berater sent me a waiver / declaration asking me to sign, saying:

“Die unterzeichnende Person bestätigt hiermit, dass sie auf Taggelder der Arbeitslosenkasse verzichtet.”

Wouldn’t this prevent me to restart my Taggeld in case I come back to Switzerland looking for a job?

Google translate gives: “The undersigned person hereby confirms that he or she waives daily allowances from the unemployment insurance fund.” So it sounds like you will lose your benefits.

Why do you want to de-register from RAV? Why not keep collecting.

I am leaving switzerland and i will start earning money abroad. Does it make sense?

This would make me at risk of penalty charges if they find out.

Yes they could also never find out, but if they do I risk much more than my money.

Maybe you have a suggestion on how can I rewrite the sentence?

I have been answered by RAV:

Die Verzichtserklärung benötige ich um Sie von der Arbeitslosenversicherung abzumelden.
Sie können mir auch schriftlich bestätigen, dass Sie die Abmeldung per XX.03.2024 wünschen. Die Stellensuche haben Sie gestern eingestellt somit stehen Sie dem Schweizer Arbeitsmarkt nicht mehr zur Verfügung.
Ohne Bestätigung muss ich die Vermittlungsfähigkeit überprüfen lassen damit ich Sie abmelden kann.

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Please translate text to English:

“ I need the waiver to deregister you from unemployment insurance.

You can also confirm to me in writing that you wish to deregister by XX.03.2024. You stopped the job search yesterday, so you are no longer available to the Swiss labour market.

Without confirmation, I have to have the mediation ability checked so that I can unsubscribe you.”

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Ah. I see. So you have a job lined up. I wondered whether they would continue to pay you up to the start date of the job (if not too far in the future) as I guess it isn’t reasonable to expect you to continue searching for a job when you already secured one. I’m not sure how this works and I guess moving overseas adds an additional complicated dimension.

Typically when you ha e a job lined up then you don’t need to search anymore and indeed RAV pays you until your start date.

Sorry to hijack the thread, but I have a similar question…I am currently receiving benefits but will be leaving Switzerland at the end of June. I am going to UK, but don’t have a job lined up. I am eligible for export of benefits (for 3 months) since I was working in Switzerland before Brexit, therefore I would be treated like someone leaving to an EU country looking for work. I need to deregister with the canton in order to cancel bills and receive my pilar 2 pension. Will ORP (RAV equiv in Vaud) accept my deregistration or do you still need to be registered to receive the benefits in another country?