LED light - dimmer switch

i bought a dining room halo light, ( https://www.home24.de/produkt/led-pe…lammig-schwarz )

got it all installed eventually with the help of friends and some questionnable hole drilling accuracy (I was told, it will be fine, it will be fine…). it was a good job in the end

however, when it came to the big reveal to the girlfriend, and I clicked on the light for the first time, we quickly realized the light was far to bright. I had hooked up the v bright and sizeable LED, to an ON/OFF binary lightswitch.

Since its a rental, i would prefer to explore other options before replacing the lightswitch in the wall to a dimmer switch. Also, it may be a hassle to find that exact configuration.

Is there a dimmer on the market that actually goes inside the light fixture itself (the box screwed into the ceilign that the lamp is suspended from) that can be controlled by Apple Homekit.

I would not like to:

  • hire an electrician (I would prefer to go through the learning DIY process to advance my own skills - I do know how to safety cut the power supply to the apartment so I dont electrocute myself)

  • replace the LED light I have bought

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

I helped install two similar lights for a friend and after installation , one of the lights was extremely bright whereas the second light was acceptable.

After playing around we discovered that pressing the “normal” light switch off/on, it changed the brightness of the light.

We checked the box and couldn’t see any reference to this.

Perhaps yours is similar?

I believe that feature is built in to the circuit breaker. We had one installed by an electrician for our dining room lights.

you might want to have a look into Casambi controlling equipment.

Not all LED lights are suitable for use with a dimmer

It can be. It needn't be.

Dimming can be built into the lamp (Hue, for example)

It can be built into a module installed behind the wall switch.

It can be a module at the circuit breaker board.

And, as the OP asked, it could be in a module in the lamp housing and there is sufficient room (if the housing isn't metal as Homekit uses wifi.)

The other problem with this is that you'd need an additional wire for the switch as you'd still want the wall switch to work as well.

Mounting the module behind the wall switch removes this problem.

And of course the lamp needs to be dimmable (as Biro wrote).

As Biro says, watch out but I looked and this product is dimmable.

If it was me I'd try a dimmer switch. But they're surprisingly expensive in Switzerland (maybe the landlord goes 50-50 as they get to keep it) and you have to know what you're doing with the wiring if you open it up and there's more than the usual live-neutral-earth wires.

Can you easily switch out the light fitting ? If not, could you apply some sort of coating over it to soften the light ? It should not get hot if it's LED.

I've fitted loads of Dimmer modules that fit behind the wall plate when converting to LED and when the 200 CHF Feller rotary dimmers have worn out.

They are about 40-60 CHF each and are operated by pressing and holding the switch in to dim. A quick press will turn the lamp on and off and retain the dimming level.

They can also be controlled by your home automation system but importantly, will work without it.

I've used Zigbee ones but the OP needs a wifi one which is Homekit compatible.

The problem with the OPs request is that there are a few unknowns.