Living in Villeneuve (Vaud)


Creating this thread in Housing as it's kind of interesting in this context for me personally.

I'm now living near Lausanne and I am wondering about Villeneuve (Vaud).

I visited it the first time a few days ago and it seemed like a cute small town although it seemed less taken care of than many other towns in the Geneva direction, without going into too many details if looked like less money was spent on its looks and maintenance.

It's something I could live with though yet I am wondering if there are any major red flags like ecology concerns, crime, or any demographics-related issues, ie. things one discovers at a later point.

I googled it a bit and I only found,

- a mine nearby, to be closed soon?

- an occurrence of some travelers having parked there illegally on privately owned land

- an incident with water pollution

Also, it's obvious it's a greater risk to be within a commutable distance of Lausanne only among Swiss large towns with work opportunities.

Did anyone research this town and can add more or expand on the above, especially on the mine?

Many thanks for your help.

I have seen this several times in the Villeneuve region, always with a shocking number of Ferraris and other high-end sports cars. But where I lived in Lausanne we had travellers squatting for months on end in the nearby parking lot seemingly without any penalty, so I'm not sure it's just a Villeneuve problem...

Same in La Côte. Travellers come and go.

Thanks! And as for other points?