Looking for advice: ethics/protocol during the hiring process

I am currently changing jobs within the same organization (from Job A to Job B).

I have been actively involved in screening CVs and interviewing candidates to replace me in Job A. We have found a very suitable replacement that we are all satisfied with.

In my new unit (Job B) we are also hiring, and I think one of the candidates I interviewed for Job A (person X) would be perfect for Job B. But person X has not applied for Job B.

For the record, this is a very niche field of expertise.

I have access to person X's CV and contact info.

My question is: is it acceptable for me to reach out to person X to encourage them to apply for Job B? Or is this crossing a line?

Surely that happens all the time?

sorry but where is the ethical issue / dilemma?

You can communicate directly that he is more suitable for another open position and ask him to apply or transfer his application.

This happens everywhere very often and it has happened to me too. The hiring manager and HR and asked me if I was interested in another open position which was a 100% fit for my background so that they would reroute my application for the other open position. Nothing unethical or complicated.

Like you still have a copy of someone's CV, but perhaps you shouldn't, and you can't just invite the person to interview but "sell" an insider info to let the person apply again?

I recall it happened to me once or twice. Now I understand how it works It looks really stupid when a company asks you to re-upload your CV for a different position telling you that the hiring manager have seen it and would be keen to interview you but heck, I bet no candidate ever complained about unethical behavior in such case

My first impression is that this is not compatible with data protection

You cannot know how the person is going to react, so no reason to make a bet. But, can you rely on a 3rd person to tell the person applying to job A that there’s an opportunity in job B? If job B is working with a recruiter and person X has a linkedin profile telling “looking for a job” in the status…it’s practically done.

PS not compatible at all with GDPR. If person X dances along, all fine. If person X freaks out…person X has everything to cause real trouble https://www.jobseeker.com/en/cv/articles/gdpr-cv

Why don't you involve hiring manager/recruiter and inform them.about the situation? Let them reach out to this Person X and check if he would be interested in Job B role If that's not an option then just write it in the interview feedback. Let the hiring committee decide on his packet.