Looking for advice on how to find a suitable job


Now that both of my kids are in Kindergarten/School I was hoping to be able to find a bit of part time work.

There are a few problems, or restrictions I suppose that will obviously make this difficult:

My time is limited with them coming home at lunch time most days. It might be possible to work at night from perhaps 6pm onwards, but if I can find something that I am able to do from home and part time that would be ideal.

I have no formal Job qualifications, I worked in retail and the food industry back in Australia and haven't worked since I have been here in Switzerland.

My German is honestly not good enough for working in an environment where it is required.

I am continuing to learn but for where I am at right now i'd say English is a requirement for me to be able to work successfully.

I genuinely wouldn't even know where to begin to find a job that would fit with those restrictions!

I have tried searching online, and see some websites advertising flexibly working from home doing surveys etc but I wouldn't be able to tell a legit site from a scam!

I understand my options are very limited and I am asking a lot but if you have any advice, including job types that would work or small training that might help or tips of where to find a job I would appreciate it so much.

English-speakers without specific skills can often find work in CH tourist areas and at airports.

English-speakers without specific skills can also find work as Hilfsarbeiter (low-skilled) jobs such packing, assembling, harvesting and cleaning.

The OP might wish to search on these websites for suitable jobs with keywords such as Hilfsarbeiter, Grundkenntnisse Deutsch, A2, etc.:




RAV Job Service estimates that around 70% of jobs in CH are unadvertised. There are various ways to find jobs in the hidden job market such as:

a. Spontaneous applications, including requests for exploratory interviews

b. Self-advertising on platforms such as LinkedIn and Xing

c. Recruiting firms

d. Networking

For one-off jobs, the OP might wish to search on tutti.ch, ofri.ch.

The OP could also register with Coople for temporary work.

Just some thoughts. Good luck!


RAV Job Service encourages job-seekers to perform a self-assessment with these steps. It might be of value to the OP:

"The self-assessment is divided into the following parts:

Situation assessment (what can I do, what do I want, what does the job market offer?)

Search area (where am I looking for a new job?)

Search strategy (how do I look for a new job?)

Application dossier (what do my application documents look like?)

Self-presentation (how confident do I feel in interviews?)"

You might like to wade through Kiwi2Swiss’s bumper thread which contains a wide range of suggestions and counter-opinions.

Where to look for jobs with no job qualifications

Have you looked through the ‘24’ job seeker/service provider platforms?

For babysitting and nannying jobs:

For household services:

For tutoring jobs:

For senior services:

For pet care:

‘24’ sites are connection platforms, nothing more. You write an ad covering what you offer, or respond to job ads that fit your profile. It’s up to the employer and employee to come to terms, write a contract, and ensure that social taxes and other legalities are followed.

These are largely part time gigs, but something there might fit into your schedule and skill set. I see a few job ads in English…

Might not be what you want longer term, but you could probably find something fairly easily given demand these days.

Good luck!

Thank you so much for your detailed response!

Another question I have just now realised I should ask is do you know if it is possible to work remotely for a company outside of Switzerland while I am living here?

I suppose that would remove the language issue. I have a B permit.

I'm sure that is such a basic question, i'm just not sure where to find the official information!

great thread, ignore Chaff's chaff, and good luck!

Good luck and power to you. Personally, I would spend the time you will have now kids are in school, to really push very hard in every way possible to improve your German, rather than look for work. Game changer for future opportunities.

If evening work is an option would you consider working in a local bar or restaurant etc? I know it's not a work-from-home role but if you start there you can continue searching while networking and improving your German.

You're quite near Baden, maybe one of the more international venues might be looking for your exact profile - a native English speaker with prior experience in retail/food who is available to work part time some evenings/weekends.

Pop in and ask for the manager, try to make a positive impression, get to know them a bit and ask if they have any work. Staff turnover can be high so even if it's not an immediate success, if you make a good impression and work on building the relationship you could very well be the first person they call when a vacancy opens up.

Good luck!

This is very true and my husband certainly agrees with you

I don't know what it is about my brain, I've taken and retaken multiple German courses over the years and I always reach a point where it feels like there are just too many rules and things to remember all at the same time and it's like I just cannot process it all at once!

But anyway, it's not helpful to give up. I think moving forward I will try to find a course I can do online at a pace that suits me. My husband is suggesting iTalki (I think it's called that) because it's been great for him and his learning style, but I can see myself feeling uncomfortable in a 1 on 1 environment, ha!

If anybody has recommendations for online courses I'd love to hear!

Thank you!

Thanks, that is also another great suggestion!

Thank you Melloncollie!!

I am a dog person. I love all animals (sorry spiders, not you) but dogs are really it for me!

I had to leave a dog behind when we moved, It was far from an easy decision, but I knew him staying behind with people who loved him and were with him from the start and who I knew would always treat him well was what needed to happen.

Your suggestion for petsitting was perfect, so I signed up!

There are a LOT of dog walkers already working in this area so i'm not sure how many jobs i'd be able to pick up, but I did make a connection with a really nice woman not too far away and she's coming to meet me tomorrow and we will take a walk with her lovely dog! Fingers crossed they both feel comfortable with me, I would so love to have regular dog time again

I'll spend some time today becoming familiar with dog walking etiquette here in Switzerland and making sure I have the commands down pat. (I'll have a good look through the forum too for any helpful links and tips)

So Thank you to everyone again, I now have a bit of a game plan and I'm feeling hopeful about future possibilites!

Rachimus, if it is possible given your family set-up, you might find that offering holiday care, where you would take the dog into your home for a week or two, rather than or in addition to daily walking, might help you stand out from the competition.

There often seems to be a shortage of holiday care, especially during the school holidays when demand is high.

Good luck with the new venture!