Major Rail problem Lausanne Geneva (again)

Reports just coming in but the line is closed due to a technical problem between Renens and Morges. Apparently will take all day to fix.

Check before you travel today.

All trains between Lausanne and Geneva cancelled this Thursday

Due to a "technical disruption to railway installations" at Renens station, all trains between Lausanne and Geneva and those between Lausanne and Yverdon will be cancelled this Thursday, SBB has announced. The disruption could last all day.

"The IC1, IC5, IR90, IR15, RE, S6, S5, S4, S3, S2 and S1 lines will be affected," says the railway company, adding that replacement buses have been put in place.

The line between Yverdon and Morges is not affected by the disruption, while the line between Geneva and Bern is being diverted via Yverdon.

According to a SBB spokesman interviewed by RTS, cables were damaged during maintenance work at Renens station on Wednesday night. CCH


CFF is really going down the tubes, especially in Suisse Romande, there's a major problem at least once per week.

It is getting to the stage where you really can't rely on them.

Well I'm in Geneva today for work and was hoping to be able to travel home around 5pm, looks like its going to be a living nightmare.

Heard it on the radio this morning on the drive to work.

Restrictions Renens VD - Morges and Bussigny

"Limited Train service on the line Lausanne - Morges, between Renens VD and Morges, as well as on the line Renens VD - Cossonay-Penthalaz, between Renens VD and Bussigny.

This is due to technical difficulties on the infrastructure.

The restriction lasts until 10.11.2023, approx. 01:00.

Lines EC, TGV, IC1, IC5, IR90, IR15, RE, S6, S5, S4, S3, S2, S1 are affected.

Allow for delays, cancellations and diversions.

Passengers travelling between Renens VD, gare nord and Bussigny, gare should use the replacement bus service.

Passengers travelling between Renens VD, gare nord and Morges should use the replacement bus service.

Valid 09.11.2023 - 10.11.2023 "

Boat to Lausanne?


I’ve heard the IC1 is being diverted from Geneva Lausanne Bern to Geneva Morges Yverdon Bern.

The IC5, which goes from Geneva to Zurich via Bienne, bypassing Lausanne (and Renens), is still operating as usual.

Expect delays.

The IC5 at 1715 appears to be operating normally. If possible catch it at the airport (1705) to improve chance of a seat.

Cheers mate, I'm actually near the airport so will do. I've also decided to leave around 15:00.

Whether you board in GVA or Geneva, it looks like you'll have to change over to a bus for Renens-Morges. It'll probably be "the early bird catches the worm" when you re-board in Morges - unless you have a seat reserved (also an option in the restaurant car), provided that's possible given the circumstances. Call the SBB Contact Center 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/Min.).

IC5 @ 15:05 from GVA. Still supersavers in first for f66.60 vs f50 point to point in 2nd! That for GVA-Zug connecting in Zurich HB.

It appears that they have given up trying to reroute IC1 via Yverdon. They now appear to terminate/originate in Lausanne. IC5 appears to be the only long haul train operating out of GVA/Geneva. They are adding train sets (sometimes) doubling the capacity.

Good luck to anyone trying to get to the Valais.

I managed to make it out of the land of cheese eaters on the IC5. The train was pretty packed but since I boarded at the airport I was fine. We reached ZH HB only 5 mins late.

Cheers Bowlie for flagging this since I would never have known to leave early today.

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