Meaning of Nettopreis- buying winter tyres

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Please can I ask the meaning of Listenpreis and Nettopreis below? The context is I am looking for a quote per tyre for a winter tyre ( only Pirelli and Michelin manufacture these sizes). The company is based in CH and does the tyre changes for my car but I now have a new car.

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Offertdatum 22. November 2023

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Pirelli 285/40 R23 111V XL TL Scorpion Winter 2 XL

Michelin 285/40 R23 111V XL TL Pilot Alpin 5 SUV XL RG

Listenpreis exkl. MwSt

909.00 817.00

Listenpreis inkl. MwSt

978.99 879.91

Nettopreis Einzeln

485.00 559.00

Nettopreis Gesamt

485.00 559.00


74.64 969.36

Barzahlung bei Lieferung

Offertgültigkeit 30 Tage, Preisanpassungen durch die Lieferanten vorbehalten.

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Total CHF inkl. MWST

7.7% MWST

Total CHF ohne MWST

Listenprice is the manufacturer's recommended retail price. Netto is what they would sell them to you for. I would check also the online tyre retailers.