Moving and permits


EU citizen, permit B (unmarried)

I am in process of moving between cantons but, by accident, I have given notice earlier than what I should have since I was naïve enough to be sure I was going to get the apartment I wanted at the place I wanted - turned out to be negative.

While that, I have managed to secure a temporary room (1-2 months) in a canton which is not the one I want to have the next permanent residence, and also not the one I am resident at now. Maybe another wrong step :-/

What is the correct way to proceed in terms of registration/deregistration on the involved communes? Should I register/request a B permit change on the temporary canton at all? Or only at the final destination canton?

And in terms of the car licence plate? Should I transfer to which canton? Or just let it parked on a private space and return the plates to the original canton?

Someone who knows more about permits will probably be along, but in the meantime I think it's like this:

As an EU citizen, you're free to move about. I think all you've done is give yourself extra paperwork and a bit of cost. After you de-register from Canton A, you need to register in Canton B within 14 days. When you're ready to move to Canton C, you de-register in B and re-register in C within 14 days.

Actually as they already have a permit they need to check the cantons’ websites because iirc in many you have to register within 8 days of moving.

Also check with your current gemeinde/commune whether you can cancel that deregisteration asap if you’re still a little way off from the actual move.

As for the car plates I would guess the easiest, assuming you don’t need the car, is to park it in an off road/private place and then re-register it when you’re in your new permanent place.

Permanent residence is based on years lived in Switzerland and what types of permits you've had. How long you've been in the particular canton has no bearing.

For citizenship it does matter, you need to have lived in the canton and the same commune for the last 2 to 5 years depending on canton. But again, for permanent residence, there is no such requirement.

Sorry, I meant long-term residence (and not a temporary room in a shared house).