My first car accident in Schweiz

Hi Everyone,

I had my first car accident last month. I was waiting at the red lights and discussing some important topic with my firend near me. I see that greenlight turned on and moved. I guess that it was for right turn, not for me.I m saying 'I guess' because neither me nor my friend were not sure if we passed on red light or not.

As a result another car coming from right side hit me from right back corner. Lukcily nobody was injured , there was damage on both car. We called Police, they came and did all necessary processes. I have full casco including gross neglience.

My Question is ;

May I have some punishment from the government, except passing through red light fee. Because Police officer was saying they may call for taking my statement again and I may need a lawyer. I already tell them same thing like I mentioned above.

If someone has similar experience and can give some insights, I will appreciate.

The CHf 250 simple fine for running a red light would have been issued on spot. However, such a fine can only be issued if no one was endangered. Unfortunately, this is not the case when an accident has happened. Therefore, the police will make a report and hand it over to the prosecutor and the driving license authority. Expect a hefty fine, if not a monetary penalty, a 1 - 3 month driving ban.

Hi SwissInUs , Thanks for your Feedback. Let's expect hefty fine.Having a ban for couple of months will be definitely the worst scenario for me as I m using my car daily.

Hmm. I'd suggest that the thing of paramount importance is not whatever you were discussing, rather controlling the car and being aware of what's happening around you?