My partner wont give me 2nd signature for rental agreement

Hi. I do have an issue with my partner. He is not giving me a 2nd signature for notice, so i can withdraw myself from flat. Reason: bullying. What could be the solution? I have contacted with landlord and he keeps writing that both signatures from us are needed.

Just leave and let him clear up the mess he wants to create. You signed the document; so you've done your part. Sure they can send it back... but you won't be there to pick it up.

Maybe some links here would help.…ove-out-_.html

Seek advice from the Mieterverband as well.

Partner or ex-partner ? Do you mean 'partner' as in a boyfriend/girlfriend situation (not married) or a business partnership or something else ?

If you are in a shared tenancy situation - you are not married but you both signed the lease to live together, then your solution is to find a replacement tenant.

Which of you has actually moved out ? You or him ? That makes a big difference to how this needs to be managed.

The landlord is right, w/o both signatures the cancellation is void. In the worst you would have to involve the court. The judge can force your partner to sign the cancelation. As long as the contract exists you are fully liable for any outstanding rent and damages.

Important, if your ex partner agrees they might lose the apartment. The landlord is free to either continue the rental contract with your ex or to give the flat to someone else.…s-946430461102

Does partner want to keep the flat? Or are you both moving out?

The landlord is asking for 2 signatures as this protects both parties from having the apartment being rented to someone else without the agreement of both parties.

Perhaps the rent is too high for one income and this is why the partner is taking this position.

Or there is more to this than you are telling us. Are there children involved?

Yes, there is one child involved, 3 y old. My partner has not said does he wants the flat or not. He is jobless at the moment but looking a job in Switzerland. But I know that landlord wont give the flat to him, due to his low income.

Best solution would be, that he moves out and I can stay there with our child (could lease it my own). He is my partner - boyfriend, but not married.

But we need to separate because of his domestic mental violence and he is unstable.

Thanks for all advices!

It's not clear to me whether you want to keep the apartment or move elsewhere. You also have a child together so that complicates things as well. You can't force him to be homeless.

What is your goal ?

Kick him out but you stay ?

You move out and leave him to his own problems ?

Both move out and go elsewhere ?

Then, you can decide what the best course of action is. Are you currently paying the rent for both of you ?

Does your partner get RAV so he can still pay the rent?

Moving out is one thing, closing the lease is another, separating your relationship with each other is a third, and keeping yourself safe is a fourth, and his parental rights is a fifth. This is very complicated. You need a counsellor and a lawyer.

Is he listed as the father on the birth certificate ? What parenting agreements are in place ?

Can he afford the rent if you move out (does he get unemployment insurance payments) ? Can you afford/are you able to find something else ?

And finally, have you spoken to the domestic violence 'Frauenhaus' to get their advice on how to keep yourself and your child safe ?