New Phone SCAM 'Swiss Police'

Got a call on my mobile from a number +41 77 917 51 88 (which looks like a Lycamobile number).

It was a recorded voice in American English along the lines of:

"This is the Swiss Police we need to contact you about money laundering (I wish)"

At that point, I hung up. I gues they wanted my to call a high toll number back...

I mentioned this in another thread a few months back.…mail-scam.html

Interesting, did not know that the Swiss National Cyber Security Center publishes scam warnings…uell/aktuelle-

Are they legit?

I was called some minutes ago, it was the same police scam. A prerecorded voice said something like: "This is the police. Your swiss ID number was stolen"--- then I hung up, blocked and reported the number. The number was a Lyca phone number: +41779235918. The only reason I took it was because the number was Swiss, but it seems like I should not trust in any number anymore...

Some weeks ago I had a Whatsapp call from an eastern country, there was a young kid talking to me, got hung up. My bad I didn't pay attention to the number that time. Today I did, but it was also a scam, despite the Swiss number.

Numbers can be easily spoofed. It is easy to have just about any number displayed on your phone. So ignore them. If you don’t recognise the number, just don’t answer.

I now get WhatsApp and Telegram messages also asking for all sorts of things. Luckily they are easily blocked!

Now a days I get a lot of messages on Whatsapp offering me job. I usually play with them & then report their number and block it

My wife got a WhatsApp bill for just short of a million.

Stupid scam, even if she was crazy enough to accept it then with her daily limit it would take a hundred years.

Weirdly lately I've had numerous job whatsapp messages with (possibly spoofed) US numbers. I also block immediately.

How about reverse scamming the scammers?

This is awesome. I should memorize the first few lines of the sales pitch of that people offering savings in health insurance. So, just answer the phone from unknown numbers with that lovely sales pitch

I got 4 WhatsApp messages, stupidly 2 at a time claiming they were going to close some account if I didn't respond.

I simply reported them.

The Wife got a call from saying they were Police yesterday. It was a Swiss number. She passed it on to local Bobby house.

'av a great evening y'all, and enjoy the rugby


I usually answer "guten Morgen,Stadt Polizei Zurich". Good morning,police here. Usually they hang up very quickly.

I don’t use what’s app or anything else related to gooooooogl. For messaging I use Signal and so far I have never received a SPAM message.

Signal? The Russians’ favourite...

That‘s Threema I think.

Whatsapp isn't google. It's Meta (formerly known as facebook).

Signal and whatsapp are the only ones that offer end to end encryption.