New rental contract has 1.25% reference rate?

Hi all, I am moving within my building and due to sign a contract commencing 1st December (hence early termination of my current apartment subject to finding a new tenant).

We received the new contract and I’ve noticed that my ‘Referenzzinssatz’ shows 1.25% with it balanced until 31st July 2022 (??).

Do you think this is a typo/error? Or are they ‘honouring’ the existing contract as the previous tenants probably signed on these terms? What I am concerned about is facing a sudden 6% increase if & when the rates go from 1.5% to 1.75%. There is also a ‘Reserve aus Berechnungsstand bei Vertragsabschluss’ of CHF 204.

Any advice would be appreciated, will also go back to our agency on Monday to clarify.

At this point, you really need to clarify with them directly. Whether it's a typo of not, it doesn't work in your favor -- so better know for sure what you're signing and/or be prepared to argue.

Especially since the rate went up today to 1.75%...

Id say get it sorted as you will have no recourse when they start to jack up the price.