New Swiss Passport, great service

Monday I was in the Zürich Pass büro. Photo and fingerprints taken, paid and all in less than 5 minutes.
My new Pass arrived today.


My hubby and son were also there on Monday (around 11 am). Also got their passports today!


Last time I was at the ZH passport office I not only got on a meter outside the door, but there was 45minutes still on it. I left within 10 minutes and allowed the next punter to park.

UK passport office eat your heart out…


To be fair there is a Premium 1-day service (£194) where you can get a new passport in as little as 4 hours. However the normal process (£83) can take upto 3 weeks. In the past I’ve flown into London in the morning and flown out later that evening with my new Passport.

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