OFS Enquête sur la langue et la religion

Anyone had a letter about this? Got mine today.

If I got a letter asking what religion I was, I’d write back telling them it was none of their business.

I told one Gemeinde, when registering, that I was Muslim.

Do they ask for your favourite colour too?

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Don’t know, haven’t done the survery yet. :laughing:

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Long ago, I was asked for my religion, it’s for some tax thing. I answered „sun worshipper“ a few days later my wife… that’s how long ago this was, gets a phonecall from the Gemeinde… This poor woman from the Amt for religious taxes had made the effort to find how much tax Sun worshipers would have to pay, mind you this was pre internet, and rang my wife for more information regarding this exotic religion and must have been on tenderhooks not to offend…
I can hear the dragons laugh to this day.

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I think we were asked to mention religion (if any) only when we registered with the Gemeinde for the first time when we moved to CH. I don’t remember being asked since then. I’m not sure what would be the point of a new “enquête”. About language - some people said that when they registered their kids with the schools directorate (more recently) they immediately received some info about organisations founded by their fellow countrymen which were meant to preserve their bond with the native cultures and languages, but also help with the integration in Switzerland, which I think it is kind of nice. But this is in the German side.

I received something like this two times! Basic questions, nothing really important… but the seconds time it annoyed me somehow so I ticked the first box for any question and typed xxx to any field requiring my input. Never got such letter again