Old heating control. What does it mean ?

Can anyone interpret the three settings on button at the top (I've been on the Sauter site with no luck)

I'm assuming the circular dial is just 'more or less heat'

I guess you forgot a photo?

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At least for the big round control, this is... as you said, an "up and down" control. For our system, we have thermostats around the house. You can set them at a certain temperature (say 21C), and then you can use the master control to raise or lower the temperature. Turning the master dial up by 1 increases the temperature in the whole house by 1C, decreasing by 1 decreases the temperature by 1C.

For the top control, my guess would be that position 1 (top) indicates "heating constantly on", middle position indicates "heating off" and the bottom position indicates "heating according to timer" which may be somewhere else in the house.

I'm guessing .. the top one is 'not on' (it's sunny) the middle one is 'always on' (er.. we've moved away from weather icons but... ) and the bottom one is 'on/off based on the timer'.

But who knows...

btw answers such as 'why dont you try it and find out' and 'why dont you know ?' aren't gonna be helpful

It's a thermostat.

I'd say the top one is summer mode so basically off. The middle one is always on. The bottom one is on with a timer. Where's the timer? How is it set. If there isn't another control - it's probably on for a preset time such as one hour. The bottom one is the temperature control.

There’s a manual here: http://www.sauter.com.cn/uploads/13.EGS.pdf

Except I’m not sure it say what the symbols mean

Looking at the manuals for the main Sauter controllers, I think it means:

Sun = day mode, i.e. ON and following the thermostat setting

Power = forced off (just frost protection)

Clock = timer - presumably following what the main controller does, since there's no local timer

I figure the three symbols correspond with the Normal/off/automatic Operating modes mentioned under Techincal data/Parameters.

The equiterm controller (constant temperature?) should also be to be found, as well as the equiflex controller (see Features). They might correspond with the Normal and automatic settings.

I looked everywhere for that ! (is cn canada ???)

OK...thanks everyone.. EF at its best.. after a bit more effort I think I've figured it out.. (we should be getting a heat exchanger next year.. so.. thankfully we'll be beyond this antiquated system)

cn = China

FWIW, the interface on our (recent) Stiebel Eltron system may be LCD and use fancy buttons, but the symbols and functionality are almost identical. We have thermostats with the three settings (on, off, timer) for each 'zone' of the house, plus a central control module that lets us schedule the timer, or raise/lower the temperature of the entire house.