Online bank for Americans

Does anyone know of a Neon type service that allows Americans? Thanks

Most Americans shouldn’t have a problem, except if you are from the US.

Well, there is a problem, that is why I am asking. Neon doesnt allow Americans (not Americans resident in America but Americans anywhere). Hence my question.

Read again what Bowlie wrote? Neon does accept a lot of Americans.

They are saying everyone from the American continent is an American, despite knowing full well that only US citizens call themselves Americans (Brazilians for example calling themselves Brazilians).

As a US citizen, you'll be lucky to get an account with a old school bank, prob no chance with online banks (or free) - they don't need the hassle.


As far as I know neon is banned.…sie-geruestet/

For some reason my reply got lost - probably all that stability we’ve had from the EnglishForums lately.

Try the State Department Federal Credit Union . I don’t have an account with them but have heard reasonably good things about them.


OP, if you're still reading...traditional banks like cantonal banks, the Post, Raiffeisen and even UBS offer decent online services.

In other countries around the world online banks offer better services than traditional banks, not around here. Not sure if it's because traditional banks are good enough, or because they captured the regulators in order to block the competition

Aha, I got confused by similar threads, my initial suggestion of SDFCU is totally wrong.

I agree with Axa here, and I'd recommend PostFinance. They'll allow Americans to open accounts, and once that was done I've done 100% of my banking with them online. So long as you're sticking to normal stuff, you should have no problem.

Their apps and website are quite well done as well.

I don’t know many Europeans that call themselves European, but they are. The same with Africans and Asians.

But not all Europeans have EU membership.