Permis C child


After 5 years in CH with a B-EU permit I've received my C-Permit without much hassle.

My wife arrived in CH 6 months after me (also EU), so I understand she will receive the C Permit 6 months from now.

But something that puzzles me is why my son has not received his C-Permit. Shouldn't a child receive the C Permit if one of the parents gets it? My son is 4 yo, does it mean the 5 year period to get the C-Permit is valid also for children?

Glad if someone can help!

Did you ask for it? They don't normally just auto-issue permits.

Your son’s permit is still valid so they won’t automatically upgrade him to a C permit. They will upgrade it when it is due for renewal or if you request it.

Our children received their C permits together with my husband upon arrival in Switzerland. I had to wait 5 years. So I reckon kids can get their C permits when a parent fulfills the criteria.

Ok understood, thanks