Permission Given to leave CH and retain C permit for 4 years

I have been given permission to leave CH for four years and may retain my C permit upon my return. I am retired in Switzerland and have been here 25 years. Have a mortgage on my main property of residence.


1. Do I have to continue to pay Swiss Health Insurance?

2. May I rent out my property short term?

3. Mortgage is with BCV, do they normally allow people in my situation to retain their mortgages? (Will go talk to them, but would like some others' experiences first...)

4. If I rent my property, do I have to file Swiss taxes even while I am out? The country I am going to has a no-double taxation agreement with Switzerland. So, I would declare the income in the country I am going to.

Please advise me based on your experience and knowledge.

I've got no experience regarding these points, but I'm fairly sure about :

1. Yes, if you receive a pension from Switzerland you need to keep paying Swiss Health Insurance, but the premium will be adjusted to the reality of your new place of residence. For sure that's for EU. If you're moving outside of EU, idk.

4. Yes. Simply because you own a property in Switzerland you need to pay property taxes in Switzerland. Income from rent would be most likely taxed only in Switzerland if there's no tax agreement between your new place of residence and Switzerland.


Interested to read your post as I'm soon going to be submitting a request to freeze my C permit. I also recently retired. Would you be willing to share on what basis your request was approved? I sort of meet one of the requirements and still working on how to present my situation.


By the way, my understanding about the health insurance requirement is that it depends where you are going - even within the EU.


Recently looked into this, as OH will retire soon and we were considering this for a brief moment:

2. Yes you can - but do you want to? Think costs if you turn the rental management and upkeep of the house over to a company, or think of the time sink if you do it from abroad. YMMV.

3. Our mortgage is with a different bank, but they could not care less where we are as long as we pay on time. Again, YMMV.

(Ultimately decided against the idea.)

What makes you think that?

My memory might have failed, but I've been reading once about DTA agreements and I think the rule was that if DTA is not in place the income is taxed only where it's earned.

Does your current permit expire during those 4 years?

If it does, just double check that they will issue a new one after expiry. I remember someone on here saying that because the permit expired whilst they were gone, despite being frozen they lost it. Maybe they needed to renew even though it was frozen?? - just think it’s worth checking out.

My understanding is that the freeze can only be for as long as your permit is valid, so even if you are granted 4 years, if your permit is only valid for another 3 (like mine), that's when the freeze actually expires. I'm not sure you can renew while away from Switzerland.