Permit for a parking space

Dear members,

We have purchased a house and during the purchase, they told us the parking space (currently more than 80% is with dirt and flowers) can be converted into a parking space.

Now we need the parking space outside and decided to go to the Geminde and ask if we can convert it.

The Geminde today told us today that we need approval from the neighbors before we can submit the application.

Has anyone had any experience (asking the neighbors)?

Any advice is appreciated.

Not for a parking spot but for a heat pump (drilling two holes 120m deep in our driveway) What we did is prepare a simple letter addressed to the commune saying something like ‘we the undersigned has been informed of the plan and we don’t object. Cc to ourselves. Met with them and explained and asked them to sign, which they did. Original to commune, copy to us and one for them.

You might want to check with the commune who they think are your neighbours. In our case it was the two OWNERS of the properties physically adjacent to ours. Not our closest neighbours across the street, nor the renters in the adjacent properties.