Pet memorial stake or plate, looking for recommendations

Perhaps I am loooking for the quadrature of a circle,…but I’ll give it a try with a query all the same .

At almost 16yo, we sadly had to let our beloved Lizzie go over the rainbow bridge on 29. February. We had her cremated and want to place the urn in the garden.

I am now looking for personal!!! recommendations from anyone who had a small memorial plaque or stake made.

We’d like something made preferably with a photo or something like the elves on the photo, such a cut out, but after a photo of the pet ( not just a generic breed likeness!)

I have googled the topic and am totally overwhelmed by the choice on offer from all over the world, hence why I’d prefer a personal recommendation, if someone had this done for their pet.
If the maker of such things is Switzerland based even better, I am not a fan of the big online sellers.

If you make the design yourself as a graphic file, you can find plenty of laser engravers who can engrave it onto metal for you.


I’m so sorry for your loss. Lizzie lead a good long life. We had to let Lily go in 2021, 4 days before her 17th birthday. Her Urn is a wooden globe, so we’ve kept her shrine indoors… I’m not so useful with a suggestion. I think the faeries are lovely though, and a cutout of her likeness is a good idea and as Phil suggests, maybe you can find a metal smith to laser cut these. Have you checked with the crematorium, perhaps they have a suggestion. Wishing you some solace.

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I will need to ask my offspring or their partners, if they could do such a file, as they are more savvy with such things than I am. My idea is to end up with something alike the fairies are.

I don’t even know if it is possible to have her likeness made like that, in a silhouette/cut out from a photo, regardless if it is from a portrait or full body shot, to have it engraved ONTO a plate is 2nd choice and that I know can be done.


total numpty when it comes to such things

Thank you for yout compassion. We choose on purpose a weatherproof design for the urn, and she will be placed close to a fave spot of hers in the garden. I find solace in the thought that a little winged Lizzie ghostlet will keep on chasing the neighbourhood cat
s away :wink:


I know it’s not what you’re looking for but I can recommend a lady in the UK who does such things in wood.

Sorry for your loss, I know how important she was to you.

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Thank you for your compassion, alas we prefer something made of metal and if not possible, slate or stone, as the place in the garden where she will be is very exposed to all weathers. There are so many ideas online, that we are lost, hence why we hope someone had something done in the way we want to too, and can give a personal recommendation.

Here’s an example (first hit on google so probably in the US) Memorial Plaques

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Yesyes, I found such things and others like that,too…and they are not as tricky to come by and to order one like that is something I can do.

BUT…I am looking for the cut out thingies, like the elves on the photo.

Indeed, her work is mostly for indoor use but it is truly fabulous.

My neighbour is a metal sculpteur but I have have no idea if this is something he could do.

ah, you mean cut out a silohoutte of the animal in metal?

YES!! :wink: the option you suggested is only 2nd or 3rd choice, if a choice at all.

I’m sorry for your loss. I believe the technique is called plasma cut art. You would probably send the person cutting it a picture of Lizzie and they would vectorize it. They would then send it back to you to get your approval before cutting it out. Maybe try reaching out to some of the DIY schools or metalwork schools in your area?

I recall seeing a plasma cutting machine at this school during an art exhibit.

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You can also get metal laser cut. It is not as retail mass market as laser engraving and needs a more powerful laser, but there are companies that do it. Just do a search for laser cutting e.g. on etsy. You can even get it done in China.

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So sorry for your loss - losing a pet is so sad and I am glad you got to stick together for so long. I don’t have a suggestion to your query but it’s a lovely idea. We placed stones on top of the urns and wrote names with Sharpie. Now I am thinking I may need to upgrade :revolving_hearts:

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THANK YOU! This helps me so much further in my search, knowing how this is called!

Thank you, you really have been very helpful!

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hey EE, so sorry for your loss. I hope you can sort out the memorial plate. I’m sorry i cannot be of any help here xo

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