Pro and cons of a family reunion

I have c permit, my wife is spanish, no kids.

She is coming here in ch most of time (i.e >183 days) but she can keep remote working in spain.

We dont have clear whether to ask for family reunion or not.

Cons: understand how to avoid double taxes. Changes in her employer contract. Pay health is barely legal. We are exposed to fines.

Pro: less illegal. Possibility of looking for a job (basic english skill, no german though). Easier access to health services.

Not sure what to do. Any opinion?

At the end of the day, where you are resident is where you spend the most number of days.

Double taxation is not a big problem (there are agreements throughout the EU and Switzerland has made agreements with 100+ countries to avoid this). I would also do the maths carefully because income tax in Switzerland should be significantly lower than in Spain....

Health insurance and access to regular health care is a big issue. Breaking the rules is not a good idea.

What does her employer in Spain think about her moving 'abroad' ?

What do you plan to do if your wife gets pregnant ?

Could going freelance/self employed be an option?

Is it a huge difficulty if your wife spends a length of time unemployed ?

Well, she can’t be here for more than 90 days at a time and certainly not more than 183, that means she’s already a resident here as far as the Swiss are concerned.

Why would her employment contract change?

Any work physically performed in Switzerland is taxable in Switzerland. This has nothing to do with residency. Obviously no one cares if it's short term. The longer she works remotely, though, the more likely the tax authorities will take action if they find out. As stated, she is under law (>183 days) resident in Switzerland. Work with what is, not how you'd like to twist the facts. You are risking fines, health insurance backdated to actual day of arrival etc.

You can be tax resident in multiple countries.

I don't understand why you say the one of the pros of family reunion is that it is "less illegal". If you have family reunion what would you be doing that would be illegal?

I would also point out that as she’s here as a tourist since she’s not here on a family reunification permit technically she isn’t allowed to work while she’s here. Yes, she’s doing remote work so the authorities are unlikely to find out, but tourists are not allowed to work and she’s technically a tourist atm and working illegally.

There’s nothing to stop her continuing to work remotely under family reunification so long as her Spanish employer is happy for her to do so. Not sure if they’d need to pay the Swiss pension, unemployment, accident insurance, etc, that Swiss employers do or whether that doesn’t come into it for remote work.