Protection screen on windows

I want to buy the protection screen for windows (and balcony doors) against mosquitos and similar “bags”.
I have been looking at this option from tesa - Link with the aluminum frame. I am not sure if installing this, will influence the window’s frame when the window is closed. I don’t want to damage the frame because of it.
any experience with it?

Hard to tell but from the video it appears to go outside the window frame, in which case it should’ve affect the window functionality.

But it may be prone to detaching. I wouldn’t use it on the 3rd floor or higher.

French link is tesa® Insect Stop FALT Foldable Aluminum Frame For Windows, Telescopic - tesa

I have one that fits in the roller-blinds space. Obviously means the roller blinds don’t work, but the window itself isn’t affected.

No. but similar.

The net frame is held in place with little spring-loaded metal clips which clip over the frame:


No damage at all to the window frames.

and you can normally close the frame? without having any gap because of it?

Yes, with most more modern Swiss windows.