QR-payment to landlord / real estate agency

I was just wondering about qr-payments in Switzerland - when can it be rejected or they work as expected.

When I was signing rent agreement I got one qr-payment for recurring payments. In December 2023 I got an information about rent increase but without a new qr-payment details. I called them up and the lady told me that I can use existing payment details but only increase amount. Is it true? If I do create a new payment using existing details (“as template” in UBS) with the same qr-iban + qr reference, will it reach the real estate agency?

Asking because f.e. wise and other systems can be fooled / malfunctioning when the amount / other data don’t match with the ones which were used during creation of payment.

Wondering if I need to check it with agency on Monday (the transfer has been made on Friday)

Yes, just change the amount in the standing order and check the account number and reference code.


The QR code contains the information needed to make a payment. All it really does is to save you some typing. It doesn’t always include an amount. Any of the information can be edited before the payment is made. For example I often change the date.