RAV Rahmenfrist and duration question

Hi all - hoping someone can help me with a question regarding duration of RAV payments eligibility in my case:

I have been fully employed Jan 2015 - Dec 2021 [84 months] (married no children, with salary >160k)

Then on Rav for Jan-Feb 2022 [2 months, but only 20 or so days of rav payouts] (with only 1 payout due to the penalty days)

Fully employed again Mar 2022 - Oct 2023 [19 months] (married with a child, with salary >145k)

And now rolling back on RAV as of Nov 2023 - could someone help me understand for how long will I be eligible for RAV payouts ?


RAV has FAQs in English. FAQ 7 should answer your question:


The rahmenfrist starts, this lasts for two years, regardless of whether you work or unregister from the RAV. Let's suppose you were valid for full duration payout (e.g. 400 working days) Then let's suppose you find work and top it up back to 400 again.

Then maybe you're unemployed so sign back on to the RAV with an entirely new application. However, if it is still within the 2 year 'window' then expect to be kicked off when that closes...but then have to apply all over again to get RAV. You will still get your money.

Also strange will be: you wil receive money immediately if still in the first 'window' but when you reapply, you will have the 'wait period' before receiving money.

tl;dr if you know you're eligible, don't panic when you get a letter saying 'no more money for you jimbob', just reapply and you'll get the money but with a 'wait period'

Thats exactly what I was looking for - many thanks! Do you know if the amount within the 1st 400 days is recalculated based on getting a kid in the meantime for the remainder of those 1st 400 days?

Also, if i claimed so far only 20 of those days (in Feb 22) and will likely claim Nov/Dec 23 - will i be eligible for those rav days off / holidays ?

The kid is irrelevant for the amount of days, you do get paid more.