Real deal on Swiss Real-estate market brochures/exposé

Hey all - I've been exploring the Swiss property market lately, as we're thinking of buying. I couldn't help but notice the *vast* variety in the quality of real estate brochures here. It ranges from some stunningly professional ones to, well, more 'modest' efforts - missing required documentation for appraisal, or perhaps an English version (ok! I concede that might be too much). It's quite a spectrum ! In this bustling sellers' market, it's intriguing to see such diversity. While I'm just a curious onlooker hoping to dive in, some of these brochures are so well-crafted they almost tempt me to consider properties way beyond my needs or budget, others make me question my sanity when I see the pictures & then the price!

I'm reaching out to see if anyone here has insider knowledge, maybe a Swiss real-estate broker or someone deeply familiar with the process. I'm curious about the effort that goes into creating these impressive brochures. Are we talking about hours of meticulous graphic design work, and careful copywriting after lot of research or is it a more one-afternoon approach? Aren't there standard software most brokers use? Or is it everything between Adobe Indesign to Word, depending on their marketing skills?

Would love to hear your thoughts, insights, or even your own experiences. Any shared musings or light-hearted rants about this 'brochure variety' would also be highly appreciated!