Recommendations for Electrician & Dishwasher Serviceperson in Basel??

Dear all,

I will be moving apartments soon in Basel-Stadt, and would like to hire an electrician (or other relevant technician) to install a few small light fixtures in my new apartment (3 rooms in total). I also need to hire a dishwasher serviceperson to service the dishwasher in my current apartment before the handover appointment. Does anyone have recommendations (along with contact info) for either of these people in Basel? Also, if you could give me an estimate of how much I should expect to pay for these services, I would be most grateful. Thank you in advance!

Electician usually charge by the hour. The one I used was about 160-180. But very professional. I also used someone who was a hobbyist and he charged me the same amount, but was not great. So now I stay with the professionals. He also does other stuff. Let me know if you need his details

According to this article, it’s questionable if you need to do the dishwasher service.

Thanks for your quick responses. @logo123, is the price you quoted (160-180) per hour or the total amount you were charged?

@k_and_e, if it's stated in the rental contract, would I still be obligated to do the dishwasher service? As a quick follow-up, is this something that the cleaners might be able to provide at the handover cleaning (possibly for an additional fee)?

Lastly, English-speaking technicians would be much appreciated

Thanks again for your help.

The dishwasher service peron can be hired through the landlord.

FYI: Many technicians, including electricians, charge for their travel time to your location in addition to the time spent doing the work. At least around Bern.

My gf called one once to change a fuse. Total cost was 330CHF. Be careful with tradespeople.

This site is good for getting offers, but it is in german:

That's standard, I think.

Additionally, they may bring an apprentice along who will also need paying.

Costs for a simple job can quickly escalate.