Renewal of Permit due to renewal of Passport?

I am a UK citizen, having arrived before Brexit.
My 5-yr B Permit is not due to expire for another 18mths or so.
However my British passport expires this summer.

I recall having read somewhere that the Permit is “tied” to the passport somehow?
i.e. That I should renew/update it with the details of my new passport when I receive it?
Is this true – do I have to notify the Canton/Gemeinde/anyone? Or can I safely wait until the Permit’s 5-yr expiry to supply such details?
(I cannot see any of my passport details listed on the physical permit card.)

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Never done anything like that when we’ve renewed our passports. The only way your permit is “tied” to your passport is for the way the permit gets granted, i.e. if you’re an EU national then you can apply for a permit yourself while if you’re non-EU (post Brexit for UK nationals) then a Swiss employer has to go through hoops to be able to hire you and get your permit that way.

Every time my non-EU passport was renewed I made a nice colour photocopy and gave it to the commune. Once I forgot and I got a phone call the day after from the commune.

Now that I am Swiss they aren’t interested.

If I had to guess I’d say CH doesn’t want non-Swiss residents that cannot be deported in the right circumstances.

We have never updated our commune with new passport details in all the years we’ve lived here and we have never been asked to do so.

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TIS Every canton is different.

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I agree with this. Whenever I’ve renewed our passports, I sent a copy to our canton, they did not care one bit.
Where it might matter: if you switch citizenships (for example, acquire an EU one, and now get counted as an EU citizen rather than non-EU).

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Of course they wouldn’t be! You’re Swiss. :grin:

Yes, if you do that especially if it’s the nationality your permit was issued with. When I first came to Switzerland I used my US passport for the permit so when I renounced that citizenship I went to the cantonal migration office and showed them that I was now British and iirc they issued a new permit with the new nationality on it.

On a slightly related note I happened to look at my C permit yesterday, returning through GVA with a UK passport (but being able to use the CH/EU line by virtue of the permit) and noticed that it’s still marked as UE/ULAE despite it being renewed (and completely re-issued in a new canton) since Brexit.

Makes sense, of course, was issued as such based on 5 years residency, but I thought it interesting that its status had not changed since Brexit.

I guess because you were here before Brexit? Maybe that’s how they differentiate them from post-Brexit ones.

I have an EU nationality, I had my expired passport exchanged and sent a scan to the local municipality just in case via email, they replied with thanks.

Thanks for all the info/advice.
To be safe I will do as others have done, and take a copy into my Gemeinde after renewal.
They can then advise if this is enough (or even needed) :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t bother. We’ve both renewed ours at least twice since being here and never even thought about it. They’ll need to see the new one the next time your permit is due for renewal anyway and that’s the only real need they should have for it. If you travel through an airport the new one will be recorded by the customs check anyway.

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Well I would. But I’m (now) Swiss.

I was clearly told that I have to send them a copy of a new passport. They were rather annoyed as I hadn´t done that on time. (Kanton Zurich)