'Rent my car' platform

Hi folks

Since I don't use my car often, but need to have it anyway (small kids), I am thinking about a concept of renting my own car as a private person (more like "rent for couple of days" model than for months).

Do you have any experience with this topic? How does the insurance issue look like? What is the established platform (App) to do it in Switzerland?



https://gomore.ch/ is a carsharing app website here.
I have used it to rent some cars but have no idea how the insurance for the car owner works.

Similar concept with GoMore is also https://www.2em.ch/ platform. I had good experience as a user.
With GoMore had a really bad experience but not related to the platform itself, just the owner of the car.

As for insurance, I think the moment the rent starts there is a contract which gets ‘activated’ during the rent time. I think is better to read the terms and conditions of the platforms.