retiring.... minimum tax damage to 2nd & 3rd Pillar

Ok so Mama G retires in 15 months, so thoughts are turning to options.

Staying in Switzerland is not one, what is on the table so far is:

1 - Joining me in SW France where I have permenant residency under the WARP with a 10 year CdS, a large house where the renovation is 75% finished, and we have 3 gites. So here coming here is a very simple (inevitable French admin balls up notwithstanding) process via the prefecture as a joining spouse. However, Macron will take a mahoosive chunk of the incoming funds for the privilidge, but we are done, settled and it's all rosé and bbq's.

2 - Returning to UK (she's a UK citizen) to provide care for her increasingly frail 90 year old mum at her house, rather than having her go to some form of retirement/assisted living type accomodation. I keep going with the renovation scheduled to be finished by easter, so we are still clocking up the air miles, for another few years.

3 - Buying another renovation project but in Portugal, so effecively buying herself residency there, with little tax damage. However, this means air miles back to UK to see her mum, air miles for us to see each other. I also vowed this reno' in France would be my final one, and I'm flogging my tools & van buying a panama hat & a 2 seater roadster and finally retiring myself.

We have no particulare loyalty to France, just asset rich here, and looking at options to keep as much of the 2nd & 3rd pillar intact, as unless we sell the French business and properties, the bulk of our liquid assets would come from the CH pension funds. Maybe there are other options that folks would consider, and we are open to soundings and suggetions, to see what we haven't thought of, see what broadly fit's before getting forensic and sitting down with a pro'.

Where do you eventually want to end up in retirement?

Well, we are a little nomadic, I'm guessing at some point the in the UK (London ish for me, and Inverness for Mama G) for family reasons, but it would be a rather forced thing should something happen to either of us. We both quite fancy Thailand for a spell before old age bites, but that woiuld only be a temparary thing.

Well, with the UK you’ve got the minimum salary thing to deal with: £29k next year and going up to £34,500 and after that £38,700 some time in the future. How that affects pensioners with non-UK spouses/relatives I don’t know.

That doesn’t apply if they’re both British though does it?

I believe papa goose and his wife are both brits.

Putting everything else aside and looking only at the tax situation, the best way to maximise what you keep from pillars 2 (assuming you want to pull it all out and not take any as a pension) and 3 is to (temporarily?) become UK tax resident. Then there would only be the Swiss withdrawal tax to be paid, which can be minimised by moving to a vested benefits and pillar 3 account domiciled in SZ.

Whether that then screws up your French domicile, assuming you wanted to keep it, I don’t know.

Yes, looking at his profile seems so. It was his remark that his wife was a UK citizen that made me think he probably wasn’t.

Yes we wanted to keep as much liquid as possible, so would be withdrawing her pillar 3 with UBS sadly think thats Basel, the vested benefits acc is already in SZ.

I intend to remain French resident, until we plan what to do with the gaffers affairs, then if a change is needed I can, so my French residency is not so much of an issue.

Mama G going back to UK is an option that helps with her mum's care, and if that minimises her tax hit that's a bit of a win win.

It's far enough away timewise that things could obviously change, and we appreciate that, but formulating a plan on the situation as it is currently, is all you can do.

Both my elderly parents are in the UK and struggling with getting any sort of service out of the national health service.

They tell me that there are no local NHS dentists locally that they know of and that getting an appointment to see the doctor can take days. So all dental work is private [expensive] as is any medical expenses that are considered quality of life issues such as replacement knees.

Don't get me wrong for emergencies the NHS is a lifesaver, my father has had half a dozen stents over the last ten to fifteen years; but if it isn't considered life-threatening, then you join a very long queue that will certainly be months away, if not years away.

Part of me would like to return to the UK, but knowing how poor the service from the NHS has become worries me, not to mention of course the fact that both kids plan to remain in Switzerland indefinitely.

Are you entitled to access the NHS or would you have to continue to pay Swiss Insurance? The premium would be lower, but you always have the right to return to Switzerland for treatment.

I am coming to the point where I have lived overseas for longer than I had lived in the UK... so almost thirty years. I don't know if you ever lose your entitlement to the NHS. I paid insurance [obviously] for all that time overseas, never got a discount. And I only got NHS treatment once on returning at the dentist if I recall, some twenty five or more years ago. Technically at the time I think I had only been away a few years at that point.