Rewaxing service for waxed jackets in Vaud

Bit of an odd question, but can anyone recommend a jacket re-waxing service that is preferably located in Vaud? My dog walking jacket is ready for a new coat of wax, and I am too timid to try it myself. Thanks in advance!

(I am willing to send it to a re-waxer, but I would rather bring it in person so I can see how well they are able to do the job.)

If all else fails then many places like sell spray cans of wax for coats and jackets.


Marton’s right–I regularly re-wax OH’s old Barbour; been doing it for 20 years now, but I use a paste wax from a tin. About 20 € per tin, and it lasts for several waxings. Works wonders.

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They do have a certain charm like Land Rovers and the like, but other than that is there a reason waxed jackets still exist in this day and age? They are generally heavier and less breathable than modern synthetic jackets and require regular maintenance to maintain their rain repellence.

Because I prefer them to modern synthetic jackets, because I do not like to throw away something that is still ok and because I prefer that material to synthetic materials.


Not only that, but it’s the only reliable defense against thorns and other scratchy stuff on your forest rambles. Damn things are indestructible.


It’s more than a charm. Wax jackets getting weathered is visual testament to what you have been through

(Yes I have one)

I rewax mine.


Time to visit Ricardo and recreate myself.

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Get a proper new one, ya cheapskate! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@bossybaby I have a feeling I’ll soon be going down this road, leaving a mess in my wake. The jacket and wellies do make me feel pretty invincible against sharp branches and bloodthirsty ticks. I guess they have their purpose beyond looking posh among some circles :joy:

@marton Thanks for the suggestion! After some research, I found that Nikwax makes the spray, but Nikwax users say it doesn’t impart as nice a patina as the bar method.

@Castro I enjoy battling through thickets in my wax jacket and wellies in spring and fall for short walks. My technical hiking gear would shred during my bush walks. But I agree that for long hikes, lighter apparel is better suited


@ConradBirdie, If you can polish your shoes, you can wax your jacket. It just requires attention and patience. The Barbour paste in a tin is the best!


I first thought it was about the other „waxing“, but nevermind.

While we’re here, I once bought a leather jacket (lamb I think) that my mother put into the washing machine after only a short time.

Is there a way to rescue that?

I have bought wax for my leather couch but haven’t dared to use that yet, either.

Farmers in the UK tend to have two - an expensive Barbour which they wear for best - at livestock sales etc and a cheap one for actually wearing doing the work. (Millets is the place to get a cheap one).

Synthetic over-clothing is either breathable but not tough enough or very durable and not at all breathable.
For mucky work (which is most of the time), mechanics style overalls are the thing.