Right of first refusal Vorkaufsrecht

My garage building is entirely my property except for the land under the floor, which is my neighbours. My garage is joined to their garage which is joined to their house with their balcony leading from their living room onto both garage roofs on which they have their private balcony. I have a right of way through their garden from my house (we are a pair of semis) to reach my garage and then the forecourt, which sits entirely on their land, has shared use (an easement). All this is set out in the land registry.

Does anyone here know if I have a Vorkaufsrecht or right of first refusal to buy their house when it comes on the market? I am aware that where there is one, it is possible to ask for it to be entered at the land registry in advance and so I'd like to know first if it is possible.

Do you have any document which states that you have such a right?

Even if he did, the rights would anyway have to be registered in the "Grundbuch" to be valid and that is the place to start looking.

We're in exactly the same position as your neighbours. Our neighbours have asked us if we'd given them first refusal, (which we would, since we get on well) but under BL law at least, it seems there's no general right.

Not by default, but your rights persist beyond a sale. A buyer will be bound by your rights as per the land registry.